We employ a skilled workforce with advanced stud welding training and years of service in the industry, providing recommendations on solutions that help reduce risk of equipment failure and downtime. 

Stud Welding Capabilities

Our experienced stud welding team is capable of installing a wide range of studs for common boiler types, including recovery and power boilers, two of the most common applications for stud welding field service.

We provide the latest in chrome-infused studs with superior corrosion and erosion resistance, guaranteeing a level of performance and reliability that few can duplicate.

Our stud welding capabilities include:

  • Installations - 3/8" and 1/2" diameter
  • Higher quality, chrome infused 1/2" diameter studs designed for recovery boilers - longer life than plain carbon steel studs
  • Diffusion coatings for both shop and field applications
  • Chromizing services to achieve corrosion/erosion resistance for the Pulp and Paper and Utility industries
  • Power boiler refractory anchor studs for cyclone boilers - stainless steel stud instead of traditional carbon steel studs 
  • Emergency stud welding service

Specialized Welding Services

As part of our code compliant, specialized welding services, we employ qualified QC supervisors and inspectors on every job who have completed our rigorous QC training program.

Our Q/C training program includes Visual Examination, Weld Inspection Technology, NBIC Training, ASME Sect. IX, Document Control, Liquid Penetrant Testing and Communication. All certifications are current and maintained at our corporate office.

We provide both field and in-house fabrication capabilities, including welding services for boiler elements:

  • Superheater and Reheater Steam Lines
  • Fuel (Gas, Coal, and Oil)
  • Process Piping
  • Water and Air

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our stud welding services.