NBS provides expert structural steel replacement and repairs for stoker rebuilds and boiler scrubbers.

At National Boiler Service, structural steel renewal and replacement is critical to maintain continuous operation of vital boiler components and equipment. We offer experienced field service for stoker repairs and complete stoker rebuilds, as well as expert field installation of boiler scrubbers to ensure compliance with EPA standards.

NBS also offers shop and field fabrication capabilities - including code certified welding for carbon, chrome, stainless, and other exotic metals - to ensure safe, quality steel replacement.

NBS Boiler Scrubbers & Stoker Rebuild - Our Process

The NBS team is well versed in every aspect of boiler maintenance, repair, and installation. We conduct a dedicated preplanning process for all boiler equipment and components to identify efficiency improvements at every phase of the project. This commitment to preplanning allows us to consistently meet or beat shutdown and project schedules, as well as prolong the life of your boiler equipment.

NBS boiler stoker and scrubber capabilities include:

  • Complete stoker rebuild and repairs, including mass firing, spreader firing, vibrating conveying grate, traveling, and more.
  • Inspection of stoker to determine wear and tear around bearings and other critical areas.
  • Repair and replacement of stoker front and walls, doors, and fuel feeder chutes.
  • Field installation and repairs of boiler scrubbers, including the absorber or scrubber vessel.

Steel Replacement - Our Customers

Whether a scheduled shutdown or emergency repair, NBS has an experienced team that can perform cost-effective steel replacement to ensure your boiler system operates with maximum safety and efficiency.

Successful steel replacement and repairs include:

  • Dominion Possum Point - Virginia
  • Dominion Clover Station - Virginia
  • International Paper Company - Louisiana
  • Boise Paper - Alabama
  • Georgia Pacific - Alabama
  • International Paper Company - Georgia

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our steel replacement services.