NBS specializes in servicing the heart of the pulp and paper industry.

Recovery boilers were first invented in the early 1930s and have since been a key player in the Kraft process of pulping.

While replacement of recovery boilers does not usually happen until the end of their economic lifetime (a lifespan that can average up to 40 years), upgrading your recovery boiler system to meet modern standards provides new opportunities to optimize energy savings and reduce emissions.

Recovery Boilers - Capabilities and Systems Serviced

NBS has Pulp & Paper teams devoted to servicing waste heat recovery boilers and related components. Our field services range from assistance in scheduling your next planned shutdown and boiler condition assessments to immediate response when emergency situations occur.

We provide installation of the latest technology and modularized components to increase the overall efficiency of your recovery boiler and reduce maintenance. We also offer essential component upgrades and field services for recovery boilers, including:

  • Air Systems
  • Pressure Parts
  • Fuel Systems
  • Environmental Systems