Allowing National Boiler Services to assist you with project planning gives you access to some of the most experienced project planners in the industrial service industry. 

Project Planning Services

Budget Assistance

During the proposal phase, both marketing and engineering departments join forces to assist clients in developing a preliminary budget. By determining project and investment specifications, NBS uses several preplanning steps to provide expert budgeting recommendations.


A constructability analysis can assist in determining the optimal construction processes and work methodology. NBS can assist with determining materials, plans, scheduling, and outage timeframes, as well as comparing the benefits of modularization vs. field assembly.

Schedule Development

NBS specializes in developing schedules for planned outages. By optimizing resources beginning in the planning stages, NBS constructs an outage schedule that will allow the work to be done in a safe, quality manner while minimizing downtime.

Scope Development

Project planning often involves preplanning activities such as scope development. NBS can coordinate scope development for a wide range of situations, including Order of Magnitude, Annual Inspect and Repair, and Capital Expenditures. 

Shop Inspection of Fabrication

NBS has shop fabrication capabilities that extend to many industrial materials. These capabilities allow for shop inspection based on strict quality control that is in compliance with ASMEand NBIC standards.

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