Superheater installations backed by more than 300 years of combined expertise.

Our proven experience in managing complete and partial superheater replacements allows us to install or modularize a superheater to regulate your boiler system and ensure optimal temperature ranges are maintained at all times.

At NBS, we work exclusively with some of the largest and most reliable superheater and boiler equipment suppliers in the industry. Our team can identify your project needs and assist with the procurement of essential superheater components prior to installation.

NBS Superheater Installations - Our Process

Our qualified team of engineers and project managers understand the critical path in a boiler outage. NBS superheater installations come down to the right mix of safety, quality, and experience to ensure we are able to adapt and beat project schedules.

Our process for successful superheater installation includes:

  • Well-designed rigging plans utilizing state-of-the-art capabilities to achieve maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Preplanning process for constructability and modularization to achieve reductions in field labor and shorter outage spans.
  • Assistance with the fabrication and procurement process of essential superheater components.
  • Code-certified welding by a capable, well-trained workforce experienced in all carbon, chrome, stainless, and exotic materials, including newer-grade metal types such as modified-9 and p91.

Superheater Installations - Our Customers

From superheater replacement to component upgrades - including headers and cross-over piping - we’ve provided marked improvement in final steam temperature, minimized pressure loss, and assisted in analysis and prevention of superheater tube corrosion.

Successful superheater installations include:

  • Georgia Pacific - Palatka, Florida
  • International Paper Company - Ticonderoga, New York
  • International Paper Company - Eastover, South Carolina
  • Eastman - Kingsport, Tennessee

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about installing, upgrading, or replacing your boiler superheater or superheater tubes.