At NBS, a large percentage of any project involves engineering design and calculations as part of our dedicated project planning process. As an industry authority in ASME and NBIC standards, we fully understand the importance of engineering design and calculation for project success.

We can assist your team in ensuring all project planning fully considers ASME and NBIC compliance, including:

  • Alterations/Design and Construction - ASME Section I and ASME Sect. VIII
  • Boiler Repairs of Routine Nature
  • Engineering Services - ASME Code Calculations and Vessel/Structural Design

Boiler Alterations

All boiler alterations are conducted under strict guidelines outlined in the latest addenda of ASME Sect. I. NBS employs expert CAD design to ensure all compliance points are met and delivered throughout the alteration process.

    Pressure vessel design and construction is in full compliance with ASME Sect. VIII. Our team of certified welders - backed by our very own experts at our on-site welding school - helps us to cut down on defects in workmanship. We consistently conduct welding mockup tests to make sure we can weld the latest in exotic metals, with quality and weld control established and very stringent.

      Repair of a Routine Nature

      As part of routine boiler repairs - or commonly referred to as a repair of routine nature - we ensure that a repair plan that considers any state-specific requirements is in place before any work begins.

      Experienced in multiple jurisdictions doing repairs, NBS is licensed in more than 39 states to conduct boiler repairs of routine nature, including:

      • Refractory Repair
      • Hydrostatic Testing
      • Casing Repair
      • Tube Cleaning
      • Boiler Rebuilding and Retubing
      • Boiler Controls/Safety Checks
      • and more

      Engineering Services

      Establishing a repair plan requires careful consideration of securing and cleaning the boiler, safety and accessibility, material requirements, and identifying appropriate and compliant personnel, equipment, and documentation.

      At NBS, our engineering team assists in establishing repair requirements and communicating the field identification methods and duration of the repair process.

      Additional engineering services we offer include:

      • Pressure testing requirements according to applicable, state-specific standards
      • ASME Code Calculations for accuracy - Section VII
      • Vessel and structural design
      • Installing platforms for access according to AISC and ASME design specifications and IBC code

      Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our engineering design and calculation services.