NBS understands the extreme conditions of Chemical & Refinery boiler systems and how they can impact plant operations.

Chemical & Refinery Boiler Types

Chemical & Refinery boiler types are subjected to constantly changing conditions and are at high risk for boiler corrosion, tube scale, fouling, and/or failure of critical equipment such as economizers and turbines. Our chemical cleaning process can remove residual deposits of rust and mill-scale that can hinder flow and circulation.

All Refinery & Chemical boiler servicing projects include an extensive constructability and preplanning phase to identify opportunities for cost and labor reductions. Our extensive planning has been proven to improve overall efficiency and ensure long-term, reliable boiler performance.

Gas-Fired Boilers

NBS specializes in servicing gas-fired boilers for the Chemical & Refinery industry, including power and process piping, burner replacements, and environmental/air systems to ensure efficient delivery of process steam.

Alternative Fuel Boilers

NBS can convert your existing boiler system to handle alternative fuels as well as optimize your existing alternative fuel system.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about installing, upgrading, or replacing your Chemical & Refinery boiler system.