National Boiler Service offers generating bank installations that deliver consistent results, outage after outage.

Consistency comes down to our people - experienced, qualified, and well-trained personnel that can successfully remove and replace your generating bank and all essential components. 

We employ a state-of-the-art Generating Bank Data Collection System (Gen Bank DCS) that reduces manual entry time and electronically captures and processes accurate measurements of the drums, tube thickness, and completed roll percentages.

NBS Generating Bank Installations - Our Process

At NBS, we specialize in executing a dedicated preplanning and data collection process before we service your generating bank - from constructability and modularization to the electronic mapping of the entire generator bank for the rolling operation. Our process for installing generating banks includes:

  • A layout of tubes prior to installation to verify proper tube length and bend angles.
  • Inspection of swage length in relation to drum thickness and a quality control hardness test.
  • Electronic measurement of tube sheet holes for wall reduction percentages.
  • Installation of patented swage clamps (from predetermined measurement) to prevent inner wall cracking.


Generating Bank Service - Our Customers

From steam and mud drum replacement to complete generating bank installations, we’ve completed challenging projects in support of the best and brightest companies across multiple industries.

Successful generating bank installations include:

  • International Paper Company - Springfield, Oregon
  • Temple Inland - Orange, Texas
  • Smurfit Stone - Panama City, Florida
  • Hercules - Brunswick, Georgia

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about installing, upgrading, or replacing your boiler generating bank.