Biomass boiler systems are specially designed with energy-efficient heat-transfer technology and superior combustion. These systems support renewable fuel sources such as wood, landfill waste, Non-Recyclable Paper (NRP), and Tire Derivative Fuel (TDF). Biomass boiler systems can reduce emissions, help you establish a carbon neutral footprint, and significantly improve your overall energy efficiency.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the Pulp & Paper industry, NBS has a long history of servicing biomass-fueled boilers. Our experience with biomass fuel sources, including bark, wood, waste, and TDF, helps us understand the unique and sometimes harsh conditions Biomass boiler systems endure.

Biomass Boiler Types

NBS can service existing biomass boiler systems or convert fossil fuel systems to biomass combustion. We specialize in retrofitting renewable fuel sources such as wood, Non-Recyclable Paper (NRP), and Tire Derivative Fuel (TDF) and can incorporate energy efficient heat-transfer technology and superior combustion equipment.

Hybrid Boilers

NBS can retrofit or replace hybrid biomass boilers to optimize fuel usage, promote lower heat releases, and reduce emissions.

Water-Tube Boilers

NBS offers repair or upgrade to superheaters, water wall panels, power and process piping, drums, and more.

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