Maintaining maximum efficiency for bark boilers and the Pulp & Paper industry.

Bark boilers are primarily used in pulp and paper mills to produce process steam for paper production. These boilers are especially efficient in the production of pulp and paper, as bark is a waste by-product of previous processes involved in paper making. Steam is generated when the bark waste is burned and converted to process steam that turns a turbine to produce electrical power.

NBS can help the Pulp & Paper industry optimize the production of energy from wood waste and reduce overall energy costs. NBS can also help bark boilers maintain maximum efficiency through preventive maintenance and periodic upgrades.

Bark Boilers - Capabilities and Systems Serviced

NBS understands that most of the problems associated with bark boilers are related to inadequate mixing between the combustible gases and air. NBS specializes in preventative maintenance and boiler optimization to safeguard against this and other common bark boiler problems. In addition to bark boiler installations and emergency repairs, NBS also provides essential component upgrades and field services for bark boilers, including:

  • Air Systems
  • Environmental Systems
  • Fuel Handling
  • Stoker and Ash Handling
  • Pressure Parts

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