NBS offers air heater upgrades and repairs to improve overall boiler efficiency.

At National Boiler Service, we understand the vital importance of air heaters and air preheaters to overall boiler efficiency. We service tubular, regenerative, and ljungstrom type air heaters and air heater baskets to ensure maximum thermal efficiency and reduction of heat loss.

We can upgrade or repair your existing boiler air heater to solve your toughest boiler operating performance problems. We also offer on-site modularization of key air heater components to significantly reduce field labor and shorten outage spans.

NBS Air Heater Service - Our Process

NBS provides both tubular and regenerative boiler air heater inspections, upgrades, and repairs. Our extensive experience removing and replacing both air heaters and air heater baskets helps ensure your project's overall safety and reliability.  NBS air heater capabilities include:

  • Replacement of complete tubular air heater and sheets.
  • Installation of modularized tubular air heaters.
  • Inspection of tubular and regenerative air heaters and all essential components.
  • Repair tube damage and air heater leakage.
  • Replacement of complete rotating assembly for ljumpstrom types.
  • Parent tube replacement and partial section repair.
  • Installation of sleeves or metal inserts and couplings for partial tubes.


Air Heater Service - Our Customers

With more than 900,000 project hours logged annually, our team can perform cost-effective air heater service and related component repair to ensure efficient operation of your entire boiler system. Successful air heater upgrades and repairs include:

  • Eastman - Kingsport, Tennessee (Tubular)
  • International Paper Company- Riegelwood, North Carolina  (Tubular)
  • International Paper Company- Augusta, Georgia (Tubular)
  • SSCC - Coshoctan, Ohio (Tubular)
  • SSCC - Panama City, Florida (Tubular and Ljungstrom)
  • Progress Energy - Roxboro, North Carolina (Ljungstrom)

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about installing, upgrading, or replacing your air heater.